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sarah“The TRX is just one piece of equipment with so many ways to train. The combination of interval training and TRX are an integral part of my workout. It is a constant challenge that keeps your muscles guessing. It is how I like to work out and the best part is that it works!”




lindaI have been coming to Royal Fitness over 27 years. From the moment you enter the reception area, you are treated “Royally.” I enjoy taking the group classes. The instructors/trainers are encouraging – they bring out the best in me to go the extra distance with safety, of course, being the primary factor.

I also joined the weight loss program that is offered and have been very successful with it. The program that they design is fantastic. Never Boring. The trainers are super. The group is small enough for individual coaching along with the support of each other from your group for motivation.

Royal Fitness has given me the confidence and inspiration to get myself on track both physically and mentally.


Royal Fitness Client PhotoWe’re 65 years old and we feel years younger now that we go to Royal Fitness. The personnel are extremely accommodating and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble. They set up training programs fit for every individual. The place is always clean and the equipment is in good working order. The gym offers classes and programs from morning to the evening all with great instructors. What I really like is the diversity of people who work out at the gym. Everybody is friendly and helpful. Great place to spend the day and work out.

Jim & Ann Smith

royal fitness client photoStarting a family in my late 30’s no longer gave me the luxury of spending hours in the weightroom.  I also was not in the cardio shape necessary to coach and participate in my children’s athletic endeavors.  The group exercise programs at Royal Fitness were a perfect solution.  All the instructors provide me with quick convenient workouts that are as intense as I want to make them.  They are like having your own personal trainers, and have given me an incredible gift.  Now at 50 and with teenagers, I am more of a believer than ever.  My kids can depend on me to be there every step of the way.


royal fitness member tesimonial“It’s been a lot of fun working with the trainers and getting to know some of the other members. All the trainers I’ve worked with have been friendly, insightful, challenging, and encouraging, and they frequently change up my workouts to prevent my body from adapting to the routines. I feel like I’m now getting much more of a thorough body workout than I did before and I’m seeing noticeable improvements in my strength, flexibility, weight, and overall fitness.”