Powerlifting for Sport: Five Reasons Why Athletes Should Be Doing It

1. Stronger athletes use less energy.

When athletes can generate more force and are more neuromuscular efficient, they’ll use less energy to complete each task required of them during competition. The ability to generate large amounts of force and neuromuscular efficiency are both products of powerlifting type training.

2. Moving loads quickly is still emphasized.

Moving a load as quickly as possible is always emphasized. While completing a maximal effort squat, a lifter is never trying to move the weight slowly. The intention is always to move the weight as quickly as possible. Due to this fact, those who use maximal effort training become more powerful at all training loads.

3. Stronger athletes can run faster and jump higher.

Athletes who scored strongly on the one rep maximum squat test had higher vertical jumps compared to those who didn’t perform as well. Using Division I football players, a study compared squat strength, strength/body mass ratio, and sprinting speed. It was found that the athletes with the highest strength/body mass ratio had the best sprinting times.

4. Deadlifting is functional!

The deadlift is without a doubt the most productive strengthening exercise for the entire kinetic chain, giving a great benefit to any athlete that uses the exercise.

5. Improving one rep maxes boosts confidence.

Confidence levels can make or break a person, not just an athlete. Building confidence in an athlete can be applied across his entire life, helping him to succeed in any endeavor that he takes on. A very productive and simple way to build confidence in athletes is to allow them to see the progress they have made through setting personal records on lifts.

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