What to do in the Triathlon off season

To prep your body for a better Triathlon season, focus on the following: 1. Short and Intense workouts, short runs and bikes that boost lactate threshold and power. During the season, we focus mainly on volume because of time constraints but if you incorporate these types of intense workouts now, when the season begins, you will feel faster and stronger.

2. Weight training is one thing that should never be neglected yet is the triathlete's first thing then will skip. Buy that personal training package and work with a trainer emphasizing balance, speed and strength. This will also help with injury prevention when the season and your training begins.

3. Swim ALOT! More times than none, swimming is the hardest for triathletes. During the off season, swim often and work on form by incorporating swim drills every workout. If you still need assistance, this is the time to consider scheduling a one on one private swim lessons when you have more free time.