When to Sign Your Children Up for Swimming Lessons

Swimming is one of the best ways to cool off in the summer. Getting in the water is fun and enjoyable but knowing how to swim well is a necessity. As a parent, encouraging your children to swim is a worthwhile goal and a huge accomplishment. However, many parents wonder when the best time is to enroll their child in swim lessons. Learn more about when to get your child started, and sign up for a swimming lesson at our South Jersey gym today!

Getting Started

Babies often love the water and if their first experience is in the arms of a parent it can be relaxing and fun. From their first bath, it’s important to introduce water to them in a safe and loving manner. For some children, swimming takes getting used to, which is why we encourage starting formal swim lessons at a young age.

Getting your child into the water while having as much fun as possible is the goal. In our gym with swimming lessons we try to lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of swimming. Of course, every child is different and will like and fear the water to varying degrees. Our lessons are taught by experienced instructors who are sensitive to each child and who will work carefully to instill confidence and competence.

Swimming Lessons for Young Children

Children as young as six months old can start in our Parent/Tot swim classes at Royal Fitness. Our gym with swimming classes offers lessons all year long in our heated saltwater swimming pool. The Parent/Tot classes are designed for parents and their babies ranging in age from six to thirty months old, so you can be a part of the learning experience!

Swimming Lessons for Kids

Have an older child? Our gym is also a great place for kids to learn swimming independently. Our one-on-one lessons are taught with the child and instructor in the pool while the parents watch. These lessons help the child advance to become strong, capable swimmers. We recommend continuing these lessons until you and your child are confident that their ability to swim has been mastered.

Sign Up for A Swim Class Today!

At our South Jersey gym with swimming classes and private one-on-one lessons the whole family can get in shape and have fun in the water. Visit our swimming lessons page to learn more and contact us today with any questions.