Why Being a Family Owned Gym Makes a Difference

If you’re looking for a gym near Haddon Heights, Haddonfield, or South Jersey, you have many options. You’ve probably seen a lot of advertising for trendy national chains, and their prices and promises can be tempting. Instead, you might want to consider a family owned gym like Royal Fitness. Family owned gyms offer a welcoming, supportive environment for people of all ages and fitness levels. In addition, membership at a family owned gym directly supports your local economy and community! Read on to learn just some of the reasons to avoid big box gyms.

The Whole Family Is Welcome

At family owned gyms, your whole family is welcome. Some, like Royal Fitness, are even gyms with babysitting options. Our babysitting center has convenient morning and evening hours, so your children can enjoy a safe, fun environment while you exercise. We care about the kids in our community, and also offer fitness programs and swimming lessons for children and teens. Joining a family-friendly gym is the perfect way to start your entire family on a journey to better fitness and health.

Support Local Business

When you choose a family owned gym, you’re also supporting local business. All of our employees, from massage therapists to swim instructors, are from the local community. By joining Royal Fitness, you can be confident that the money you spend at our local gym stays in the community and directly supports our programming.

Inclusive and Welcoming

Family owned gyms strive to be inclusive and welcoming, so they are the perfect place to try a new workout or class you’ve been nervous about. Our gym offers programs for everyone, not just people who are already fit! We want you to be comfortable at our facility, even if you have never gone to a gym before. Since we are local, we are attuned to the needs and interests of our community. Some of our current offerings are swimming, yoga, cycling, and group fitness.

Fair Prices

Last but not least, a family owned gym like Royal Fitness has fair prices. We offer an affordable intro membership, and we have discounts for families and seniors. You can choose the membership package that best fits your needs, whether you’re most interested in personal training, swimming, or fitness classes. Most national chains don’t have this flexibility!

Contact Us Today!

You have so many choices for a gym in South Jersey, but we hope you’ll consider a family owned gym like Royal Fitness. The benefits of family owned gyms with babysitting, family programming, and flexible membership options are unmistakable. By joining our Gym near Haddon Heights and Haddonfield, you’ll be supporting your community every time you come in to exercise! Get your free pass today and see for yourself why joining a family owned gym makes such a difference.