Why Royal Fitness is the Best Gym for Group Exercise Classes

Many people make a New Year's resolution to work out more, but time constraints and other factors like being unsure of where to start may get in your way. If you need some motivation to begin or get back on track with a workout plan, group exercise classes at Royal Fitness in South Jersey may be the solution for you. Read on to learn why we’re the best gym for group exercise classes in South Jersey.

Competitive Membership Prices

When choosing a gym or fitness club, you want to ensure you find one that has the ability to strengthen your body and mind at a price you can afford. At Royal Fitness, our rates are lower than our competitors and our fitness center has been family-owned since 1979. Not only will you spend less money getting fit, but you’ll also be alongside our friendly community.

Variety of Group Exercise Classes

Joining a gym that only offers a specific discipline (only cross training, only cycling, only yoga, etc.) can be limiting when trying to reach your lifestyle goals. Workouts may become stagnant and people can plateau. Royal Fitness offers a wide variety of classes with professional instructors to help you maximize your results in a safe environment. No need to join one gym for yoga, and another gym for kickbox or cycling…at Royal Fitness we offer it all under one roof! There are no limits to the amount of classes you can participate in…we offer over 100 classes a week!

The Support You Need

When it comes to working out, some people need the help of others to inspire and motivate them. Because our fitness classes are geared toward all ages and skill levels, you not only learn from our skilled trainers but your peers too. You have an entire support system in place. Once you develop a foundation for a workout plan, it becomes easier to stick with it. Our motivated members and instructors are there to help at all times. Our facility also offers classes throughout the day, so you may choose the times that work best for your schedule.

Contact Us Today!

In general, people learn by doing, and here at Royal Fitness, we are committed to providing you with expert classes designed to meet your lifestyle goals. As a family-owned gym since 1979, we see members as an extension of ours. We strive to make our members feel comfortable, and will keep inspiring you to reach current and future goals. Start your first month today for only $25!