Why you should not be afraid to Tri a Triathlon

Why you should not be afraid to Tri a Triathlon

1: Increase your overall fitness and health. Training for a triathlon increases your cardiovascular, brain and bone health.

2: It’s a great goal and builds self-confidence: Completing a triathlon is such an achievement. It takes a lot of training and determination. Achieving something that challenges you and takes you out of your comfort zone is such a great feeling.

2: More exercise = more ENERGY: Triathlons at times can require a lot of exercise, but the benefit of that is a ton more energy and productivity in every aspect of your life.

3: Achieve and maintain a healthy bodyweight: Swimming, Biking and running is the best weight loss program you can do. You burn fat in every area of your body.

4: Injury preventing cross training: When you stick to just one sport like running, for instance, you continue to stress the same muscle groups, resulting in common injuries like runner’s knee. In triathlon training, essentially you are playing three different sports. Each focuses on different muscle groups and energy systems, taking the constant stress off of one particular area. So with a more balanced method of fitness, stretching, and proper nutrition, you have a better chance of staying injury free.

5: Increase your motivation and meet new people: The triathlon world is so welcoming and ready to help and encourage all new athletes. As a USAT Level I Triathlon Coach, I love to introduce this sport and to help current triathletes improve their performance. I want each individual I work with to feel the passion and excitement that comes with this sport. When I help athletes reach their goal, my job is done.

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