Women and Weight Training

Over my 10 years of personal training a common misconception I hear over and over again is woman believing that weight training is only for men. Many women believe that they will look like a bodybuilder or linebacker if they start a weight training program and that simply is not the case. Here 4 areas women can benefit from by starting a simple weight training program.

1. Weight train can help to increase your lean muscle which will cause your resting metabolism to increase.

2. Weight training can be the number one defense against osteoporosis. Studies have shown up to 13% increase in bone density in a 6 month period.

3. When combined with cardiovascular exercise, weight training has found to decrease bad cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes and fight depression.

4. Research studies have shown women can increase their strength by 30%-50% by starting a weight training program 3 days a week.