FAQ Classes

Can I attend a group exercise class if I arrive late?

We recommend not participating in a class if you arrive after the initial warm up. This is for safety reasons and the warm up is usually 5 to 10 minutes in length. If you do arrive after the class has begun, please enter quietly.

Does the group exercise class schedule ever change?

The schedule changes on a quarterly basis with some minimal changes throughout the year. You can find any changes to the schedule on our Royal phone app and our website, royalfit.com.

Where can I find the group exercise class schedule?

The Master Schedule is posted outside Studio A. You can also find the schedule on the Royal Fitness phone app and on our website, royalfit.com.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the group exercise classes?

We recommend that you bring a bottle of water and small hand towel to all of our group exercise classes. Members may also bring their personal yoga mats to the yoga classes.

How early should I arrive to participate in the group exercise classes?

Please try to arrive 10 minutes prior to the beginning of class. If another class is in session, wait outside the studio and allow those participants to exit before entering.

I just started working out. Can I go to any of the group exercise classes?

Our schedule lists the intensity level of all classes. Use this as a guide and talk to the instructor before class. The instructor will also show modifications throughout the class which will allow you to adjust the intensity. Always listen to your body.

Do I need to sign up for the group exercise classes?

We ask that all members sign up for the group exercise classes using the Royal Fitness phone app or login through royalfit.com. If you are attending a class that has limited availability, such as Cycling, we recommend signing up for class up to 1 day in advance.

Does participating in the group exercise classes cost extra?

The group exercise classes are included in our Gold, Family, Senior and Student Gold memberships. Any class on the weekly schedule is available to members with these memberships.