Small Group Training

Get in Ship Shape with our empowering trainers in TRX, Athletic Core, Boxing, and Circuit 30 Group Training sessions. In groups small enough to feel like personal training, while receiving accelerated results at a fraction of the price.

What Is Small Group Training In The Training Camp?

Small Group Training is a fun and effective way to develop a balanced fitness program through a variety of different exercises. The training focuses on functional strength, core conditioning and cardiovascular movement for fast results.

What Are The Benefits Of Small Group Training?

  • Motivating atmosphere
  • Conditions the entire body
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • More effective results
  • Wide variety of sessions and style of workouts

Where Are The Small Group Training Sessions Held?

Royal Fitness offers a unique studio called The Training Camp where the sessions are held. It is designed for small groups utilizing equipment such as TRX suspension trainers, Heavy ropes, Kettlebells, Bulgarian Bags and more.

Who will benefit from Small Group Training?

  • For those interested in weight loss, muscle gain and increased strength.
  • The sessions can benefit any individual at any fitness level.

How Do I Get Started?

  • First time users are eligible for a FREE 7 day trial in the Training Camp.

  • See Member Services to enroll and to learn about our training options.

How Do I Pay For Small Group Training inThe Training Camp?

We offer 3 options to join The Training Camp:

  • Pay as you go
  • 8 session package
  • Monthly unlimited sessions