Babysitting Policy

Babysitting Center Policy

  • · Children ages 3 months to 8 years
  • · Time limit in the room is 2 hours
  • · NO nuts permitted in room
  • · Label all drinks or snacks
  • · All children must be signed in and signed out on each visit
  • · We recommend that young children do not bring toys from home (they are easily lost in the room)
  • · We recommend that older children bring a book or hand held game
  • · Children are only permitted in the Babysitting Center, they are not allowed on the 2nd floor, studios, or pool (unless taking swim lessons)
  • · Our staff will page you if your child needs a diaper change, if they need additional help in the bathroom, if an infant needs to be fed, or if we cannot comfort a crying child after 10 minutes
  • · Please do not bring sick children into the Babysitting Center
  • · You may only bring your own children into the Youth Center, a parent must be in the building at all times