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Rick Grove

"I was diagnosed with MS in February and became very depressed and for me, began to put on significant weight. Although I was a member at Royal Fitness, I did not work out on a daily basis and hit a high weight of 210 pounds. On a visit to the club, I saw the sign for the Biggest Loser Contest and upon urging from my family, decided to give it a try. Throughout the process, I was encouraged and praised on my progress and by the completion of the contest, I not only lost almost 20% of my total weight, but I won the contest. There were MANY days when I showed up ad had no desire to work out; with MS there are days that you are debilitated and others that the pain is very intense. Most of the staff at this point were aware of my situation and encouraged me to keep at it whether I won or lost, the weight loss has made a huge difference in my overall quality of life. I am happy to be thinner and glad to be a member of Royal Fitness. I appreciate their support in my journey".