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FAQ's about 
our Salt Water Pool & Swim Lessons

What progress can we expect and how will we be informed?

Each student will progress at his or her own rate, so, patience is important. As a general guideline, students will achieve stroke progressions in 6 to 12 lessons. Parents and instructors should create a positive, encouraging atmosphere while at the same time expecting good behavior and effort. Feel free to communicate with your swim instructor concerning your child’s progress.

What are the pool rules that our child is expected to follow?

To ensure that the session is safe, enjoyable, and productive, each student is expected to follow the instructor's directions to the best of their ability. Children are only permitted in the water during their lesson time; they must remain on the pool deck before and after the lesson. In addition, no running or rough play is permitted, and no glass containers or food are allowed in the pool area. You may bring water in plastic containers. Children are not permitted in the hot tub.

What happens when we arrive for our swim lesson?

Please scan in at the Service Desk when you arrive for your lesson (the Service Desk will issue you a scan tag on your first lesson). Also, please be sure to have your child use the restroom before their lesson.

Where are the restrooms and showers located?

Restrooms and showers for swim lessons are located on the 1st floor, down the hallway behind the Juice Bar.

Where do I change for my lesson?

Most children arrive with their bathing suits under their clothing. Dressing rooms are available in the pool area if needed.

What do we bring to our swim lesson?

In addition to arriving with your swim suit, you will need a towel and goggles (goggles are recommended for comfort). Any child that is not toilet trained must wear swim diapers and tight fitting plastic pants.

How do we register for swim lessons?

Please email our Swim Coordinator at swim@royalfit.com, and they will assist you in registering, and can answer your questions concerning swim lessons.

What types of swim lessons do you offer?

We offer children’s’ swim lessons, adult swim lessons, competitive swim lessons, semi-private adult swim lessons, and parent/ tot swim classes, all in a heated, salt water pool with a certified swim instructor.

What is the length of the lap lanes?

Our lanes are 55 ft. (16.75 meters) long.

What is a salt water pool?

A salt water pool uses a mild concentration of salt to maintain the proper levels of chlorine in the pool. Without the chemicals needed to maintain a traditional chlorine pool, people swimming in a salt water pool experience little to no eye, skin or hair irritation.