FAQ Training

Is my Personal Trainer allowed to give me nutritional advice?

Certified Personal Trainers are limited by their certifications and by the law regarding the type of nutritional advice they may provide. Some of our Trainers do have additional nutritional certifications which broadens their scope and type of advice they may provide. If you have a medical condition or other concerns that may require a higher level of attention, we recommend that you work with a Registered Dietician.

Am I able to switch to a different Trainer?

Yes, you are able to change Trainers. Our Trainers work as a team and their primary concern is your wellbeing. If you need help selecting a Trainer that best meets your needs, please contact Danni Zacamy, our Fitness Director, at dannivilnonis@yahoo.com for assistance.

What happens if I can't make my training session?

It is always best to contact your Trainer and notify them as soon as possible. This can be done by contacting Royal Fitness at 856.547.3326. If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice, you may be charged for your missed session.

How do I check in for my first training session?

After scanning in at the Service Desk, let them know you are here to meet with your Trainer.

Should I bring anything to my session?

Water and a workout towel are recommended.

What should I wear to my training session?

Comfortable, breathable clothing that will allow you to move without restriction and supportive athletic shoes.

What if I want to train with a friend?

We offer semi-private training packages for two or more members.

How do I pay for Personal Training?

You can purchase individual sessions or a training package, which reduces the cost per session.

(No expiration date)

When am I entitled to my Re-Evaluation?

8 weeks after your initial training session, contact the Service Desk and/or your Trainer to schedule a re-evaluation. During the re-evaluation, your Trainer will help answer any questions, perform a follow up fitness assessment and design an additional fitness program to meet your new goals.

What should I expect during my Complimentary Training sessions?

At your first session, you will meet with your Trainer to discuss your fitness goals. A fitness assessment will then be conducted to test your baseline for strength, flexibility, body fat, body measurements and maximal aerobic capacity. Based on this information, your Trainer will design a specialized fitness program personalized for you. At your second session, you will be prescribed a fitness program by your Trainer, including proper technique and form.

How do I find a Personal Trainer?

All new members receive 2 Complimentary Personal Training sessions and a Re-evaluation. Member Services matches you with a Certified Personal Trainer who best meets your needs. Our team of trainers has a wide variety of specialties including: general fitness, injury rehab, senior training, youth fitness, nutrition, sports conditioning, and body building. See our team of Certified Personal Trainers on our Personal Training Page.

What are the benefits of Personal Training?

  • Specialized one on one training with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Set goals and get results
  • Learn proper technique and form
  • Maximum workout in minimum time